• Hate the hassle of cash? So do we.

    Spence is a mobile payment solution that enables cashless payments where it matters.


    Our unique solution allows for implementation at small businesses where the everyday consumer frequents. Think cashless payments for that plate of chicken rice.

  • For Consumers

    No cash, no problem!

    Hassle-free payments

    Stop waiting for change and fumbling for cash. With Spence, payment is simple and fast.

    Never run out of cash

    Drop those bothersome visits to the ATM. Spence is your mobile wallet that can be recharged on-the-go.

    Accountability of expenses

    Know exactly where your money goes. Spence helps you track your expenses, effortlessly.

  • For Merchants

    Payment collection made easy

    'Hands-free' payment collection

    Stop fumbling for change. With Spence, payment collection is a 'hands-free' experience so you can focus on other parts of your work.

    No additional infrastructure

    Point-Of-Sale systems are expensive and complicated to use. That is why Spence is designed as an intuitive mobile-to-mobile solution to empower your business.

    Never run out of change

    Don't worry about having to prepare change for your business. Spence enables cashless payment collection, no change required!

  • What our customers say


    Stallholder, The Deck (NUS)

    "It's so simple to collect payments with Spence! I don't need to operate any complicated equipment or worry about pressing the wrong buttons."

    Shu Ting

    Spence User

    "The Indian stall used to run out of change very often, but ever since I started using Spence, that hasn't been a problem."

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